Why Strategic Partnerships?

ABJ Renewals provides drone services all around the world. It achieves this via a combination of in-house resources as well as highly qualified Strategic Alliances / Partners. ABJ is looking to further develop their global services capability. In order to achieve this in the most effective way a local footprint, local knowledge and skills are essential. Strategic Partners bring a depth of understanding in the areas of trading and provision of services in the region or area of expertise that they operate in. This is invaluable knowledge to a company establishing itself in a new area. In addition to this the Strategic Partners will also bring a new network of relationships to both parties that ABJ’s drone services can provide significant benefit too.


Types of Partnerships

Joint Venture

  • Due to the nature of this agreement it is typically with a known partner who has worked with ABJ previously.
  • Having identified a ‘client’ who we aim to create the Joint Venture with it takes approximately 6 – 12 months to establish.
  • The JV is agreed in a three-way deal between ABJ, confirmed Partner and Global Client
  • The Client will provide initial seed investment of between $2M – $10M (scale dependent)

Licence Agreement

  • Sub-licences will be offered by Geographical areas
  • Each area requires the purchase of a licence agreement.
  • The licence holder is required to lease the bespoke Windvue drone and ancillary equipment from ABJ International.
  • The pilots (x2) require the appropriate training via ABJ Academy.

Preferred Partner

  • A Preferred Partner is a business operator that provides one or more teams of pilots who have undertook the appropriate training (and have been signed off as competent to operate them commercially by ABJ Academy) to pilot ABJ’s bespoke drones and undertake specialist inspection services.
  • ABJ International secures a contract with a client.
  • The work is offered to a ‘Preferred Partner’.
  • On acceptance of the undertaking the Preferred Partner will agree a fee for the work.

Drone Academy

  • ABJ Drone Academy offers a suite of training services for both new / novice drone pilots through to experienced operators.
  • Dependent upon the training required the course will be undertaken by ABJ’s experienced trainers.
  • Where required ABJ Trainers are able to travel to overseas clients to assist with the training of pilots for Sub-licence Agreements, Preferred Partners or indeed for clients who have purchased UAV hardware for their own use and require ongoing training and/or compliance and regulation up dates.

What is a Strategic Partnership?

From handshake to contract, partnering with ABJ launches an exciting endeavor in growth and success.

We thrive by partnering with experts around the world to expand services and increase value to our collective customers. This strategic alliance helps those involved more effectively gather information and more efficiently manage time and resources. Benefits extend to our combined customer base to generate additional revenue, attract new customers, and increase value to current customers.

ABJ is proud of our diverse partnerships, which include big and small businesses, both near and far. As a team, we work toward achieving operational efficiency and offering cost-saving innovations to promote mutual growth and opportunities.
Together everyone achieves more.

Examples of Strategic Partnerships

  • A large Asian based Industrial Conglomerate providing Operational & Maintenance services to the mining and infrastructure sectors
  • A medium sized South American Drone Services company that wanted to provide additional leading technologies to it’s diverse client base. In addition, it required a structured growth and training mechanism to allow for continued and sustainable expansion.
  • A global Renewable Energy Business that wished to adopt drone lead technologies to improve it’s internal Operational & maintenance capabilities as well as improving its’ solutions offering to its’ client base.
  • A medium sized Indian based business that required improved capabilities to expand its’ franchise across the entire sub-continent.

Why ABJ Renewables?

ABJ goes deeper than the surface. Our proprietary technologies offer a new dimension to achieve and maintain renewable energy resources.

A brilliant example: We are the only company capable of internal blade inspections of wind turbine blades. We can detect issues as small as 3mm with minimal risk and downtime. Solutions can be quickly executed and monitored using our sophisticated data programming.
Through our expertise and relationships, we offer support on a global level to a world focused on safe, environmentally friendly, cost-effective energy.

Our strategic partners share a local perspective on distant locations. With this shared knowledge—both technical and geographical—we increase our collective value and our access to customers worldwide.
ABJ Renewables. Expand your horizon.

The ABJ Renewals Advantage

We specialize in know-how. Whether you’re looking for a local solution or a global one, we’re here to help your energy company fly higher than the competition. We’re fully FAA, CAA, and ISO approved and insured at home and overseas. At ABJ Drones, we create practical, integrative, and innovative drone solutions for energy companies of all sizes, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We forge value-driven partnerships and support you every step of the way. From vision to strategy to execution, we’re here to revolutionize the way global businesses integrate drones into their growth strategy and operations.

Partner With Us

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