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What Makes RIVER Different?

Recharge With Wall Socket, Solar Power or Car Jack. Largest Portable Battery Capacity. 1-2 Years Energy Storage.

Mega Capacity
116,000 mAh/412Wh

500W Total
AC & DC Output

4 2x-Faster
Quickcharge Ports

Resistant Case

Smart Power
Surge Protection

Operating Temperature
-4° to 140° F

For Backup Power Or Life Off the Grid

Keep essential devices running or go miles away from civilization and have enough power to run your entire camp.

Lightest Ultra-Capacity Battery

Super easy to carry with 116,000mAh and total output of 500W at only 11 pounds.

Lightning Fast Recharging from Outlet, Solar, or Car

Versatile power inputs allow you to recharge no matter where you are.

Simultaneously Power Up To 11 Devices

Most comprehensive array of output ports… ever. (2) USB Quickcharge 2.0, (2) USB, (2) USB Type C, (2) AC Outlets, (2) DC Outlets, and (1) 12V Car Port.

Operates Under Most Temperatures

Operates in -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit


Plug Everything into River

Universal DC Input

2 USB-C Ports

2 AC Outputs
300W Total

2 DC Outputs

4 Fast-Charge Outputs

(2 Type-C, 2 USB QC 2.0)

12v Car

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