Eliminate Serious Financial Liabilities

Without expert planning, common area components within wind turbines can become serious financial liabilities. Through careful inspection and financial analysis, ABJ Drones will determine the longevity of your common area components and the amount of reserve funding required for you to adequately meet its replacement needs. Our staff of certified drone experts, are recognized for their expertise in reserve studies.

Plan Ahead and Create Peace of Mind

Our experienced wind turbine drone pilots are able to provide you with a cost effective reserve study that give you peace of mind. A Reserve Study is a comprehensive, budget-planning tool. It consists of a physical and financial analysis and is based on the common area components described within the association’s governing documents. The study acts as a road map for planning the wind farm’s maintenance, repair, and replacement needs.

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Typically, 70% of the association’s budget is comprised of maintenance, reserves, and energy. By understanding the relationship between these parts of the budget, significant life cycle savings can be realized.

Also, if you would like to turn your study from a budget tool into a Capital Replacement Plan, ask us about how to incorporate a Capital Needs Assessment into your Reserve Study!

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