Type of Job/Services Completed: Photogrammetry, Thermal Mapping, Visual Spectrum Inspection

The Problem

The customer wanted to save money from traditional inspections by utilizing drone technology. ABJ Drones was engaged to look at roof mounted equipment and the bolt patterns of fasteners that anchor this equipment to the roof. We also checked for puddles on the roof material and heat loss through the components. There’s a levee on the property that retains water near the structures that we checked for overgrowth to give the customer an idea of the current condition.

ABJ Drones Solution

ABJ Drones provided imagery of the roof in both thermal and visual spectrums. We created a 3D model map of the building and provided a map around thermal spectrum, as well showcasing the entire roof.

Using our advanced inspection methods, we provided the customer a visual spectrum map that is much higher quality compared to what they have used in the past. Previously, they were using a map that equates 1 pixel to about 3 inches, but with our inspection, 1 pixel equals .8 centimeters. This gives the client much higher accuracy with what they can see, and also the detail that can be pulled from these maps.

We provided a snapshot of the building in its current condition, as well as access to our DataVue platform containing all the client’s data. In addition, we also provided a report showcasing any issues we identified during our analysis.

ABJ Drones Benefits

There are many benefits to using ABJ Drones for inspection services. The customer can now see their infrastructure in much greater detail than before.

The cost of inspection was reduced by using ABJ Drones services, as a manned inspection of the roof would have taken more time and a larger crew. Previously, they would have needed commercial roofing contractors to climb on the roof and this would have been much more expensive.

Drone inspections are paramount in uncovering damage to roofs and other structures because the cost of the drone inspection is far more financially viable than letting the damaged roof decay and decline to the point that it needs to be replaced entirely.

In addition to decreased cost, the inspection was safer because we did not have to climb on the roof. With the client being a safety and loss prevention organization, they were thrilled that we could provide the inspection without putting anyone at risk.

The client also saved time by using ABJ Drones inspection services. The inspection only took about 4 hours to conduct in one afternoon. With a manned inspection, it would have taken several days, and they would have needed experts to look at and shut off potentially dangerous equipment, disable lightning rods, and remove chemical pipes. Using drones allows this equipment to remain intact and functional while we conduct the inspection.

If you’re interested in completing inspections safer, faster, and for less cost, reach out to ABJ Drones today!