Type of Job/Services Completed:  Photogrammetry of Roofs for Solar Panel Construction Planning

Location of Job: Multiple Locations in Connecticut

The Problem

The client plans and installs solar panels for businesses. For this project, they were in the design stage for installing roof-mounted solar panels on six healthcare buildings in CT. The client needed accurate, up-to-date CAD files created through photogrammetry with a drone to assist them in creating full construction plan sets.

ABJ Drones Solution

ABJ Drones provided the customer with the needed imagery for the solar panel design and installation. We planned out optimal flight paths and flew over each roof, taking 600-1000 shots of each. The images were then processed through photogrammetry software to create high-resolution, geometrically accurate maps (orthomosaics) and point clouds/3D models for each building. The orthomosaics were then further processed to create digitized DXF files.

In addition to what was in the proposal, the client asked if we could expand the survey area to include surrounding trees for some of the sites. We did so for all sites to ensure they were able to measure tree lines for shade modeling. This helps with planning solar panel location and estimating output. By doing so, we provided the customer with 3D models of not only the roofs, but the surrounding area as well.

ABJ Drones Benefits

There are many benefits to using ABJ Drones for photogrammetry. The client can now create a full construction plan to install the roof-mounted solar panels.

Without a drone, an engineer would have to physically inspect each site and record factors like roof design and condition, available roof space, orientation of the roof, roof height, the pitch of the roof, and tree shading.

Drones allow all the relevant information to be gathered by someone else quickly, effectively and for less cost. Through high-resolution photogrammetry, accurate maps and models of the site can be produced, which is essential during the design stage of solar installations.

If you’re interested in completing photogrammetry projects safer, faster and for less cost, contact us today!