Type of Job/Services Completed: High-Rise Facade Inspection

Location of Job: Jersey City, NJ

The Problem

The client needed to inspect the entire facade of the Trump Plaza building (532ft tall). They needed to see if the issues that were visible at ground level were consistent up to the 55th floor. While imagery using a DSLR from the ground is possible, they weren’t able to get the detail necessary at higher floors to make a strong determination.

ABJ Drones Solution

ABJ Drones was engaged to complete a full facade inspection via drone. We imaged the entire facade by breaking each building face into ~5 columns and slowly flying up and down each column, while recording video in 4k (4096×2160) resolution at 60 frames per second.

For organization, each column had an associated video clip that was named according to its building face and column number (East 1, North 3). The videos provided enough clarity to clearly see cracking, window pane issues, weep holes and more, which is what was needed to perform the analysis on the customer’s end.

ABJ Drones Benefits

There are many benefits to using ABJ Drones for facade inspections. The customer can now see their high-rise in much greater detail than before.

By using a drone, we were able to provide detailed imagery of the entire facade from the ground. This is much safer and faster than traditional methods like putting someone with a camera on a high-rise cradle and surveying each face.

If you’re interested in completing facade inspections safer, faster, and more effectively, contact us today!