On-Demand Drone Insurance for Commercial, Public Safety and Personal Use

Forget Expensive Insurance Costs with On-Demand Drone Insurance

ABJ Drones has partnered with SkyWatch to provide you the most cost efficient, simple, fast and transparent drone insurance in the industry. Why pay for insurance when you’re not using it? With SkyWatch, you’ll be able to pay for coverage you actually use. On-demand drone insurance plans are billed hourly and monthly, so you can fly safely and pay less! Are you ready to get started?

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On-Demand Drone Insurance for Commercial, Public Safety and Personal Use

Drone Insurance for Commercial, Hobby and Public Safety Use

Are you flying drone commercially, as a hobby or for public safety organizations and need a cost efficient insurance? Then this is the perfect insurance for you. SkyWatch has a simple, yet powerful app you can install onto your phone in order to calculate your coverage costs by the hour or month.

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SkyWatch.ai Drone Insurance and App Features

Powerful App Features

  • Identify potential hazards before your flight and while you’re flying
  • Access to a powerful risk map you can use any time
  • Receive safety warnings while you’re flying
  • You’ll be able to track your results from the detailed insights and analysis
  • Customizable durations & limits
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Drone Insurance App: How It Works

1. Plan Your Flight

Use the SkyWatch best-in-class risk map, allowing you to see potential hazards such as crowds, roads, airports, no-fly zones and other potential risks you should consider before choosing a flight location.

2. Insurance Price

Get your on-demand drone insurance price before your flight starts. Your cost is based on your payment plan and flight plan, which includes your custom flight time, past experience and the area you choose.

3. Real-time control

Connect your DJI drone and fly with SkyWatch’s Flight module to receive real-time warnings, such as flying over roads, flying out of bounds, low battery warnings, and many other signals that are crucial for having a safe flight.

4. Track Results

Get insights and analysis of your drone flight after you’re complete with your mission. This allows you to track your results and improve overall safety over time. The more insurance experience and successful flights you have, the less you pay for your on-demand drone insurance.

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Free Exclusive Webinar: Commercial Drone Insurance and Safety

SkyWatch.ai Drone Insurance and App Features

Join us for a webinar to learn all about Commercial Drone Insurance & Safety with Brandon Packman from SkyWatch.AI! Brandon is a drone industry veteran with 5 years of experience in Drone insurance.

  • Drone insurance types for commercial operators
  • Drone safety insights
  • What is SkyWatch.AI and how does it work
  • Why is SkyWatch.AI drone insurance optimal for commercial drone pilots
  • What are the benefits of using the SkyWatch.AI app
  • Live Q&A about SkyWatch.AI app and drone insurance


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