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ABJ WindVue Webinar: Thermal Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

About The WindVue Drone Webinar ABJ WindVue is an innovative wind turbine blade inspection technology that identifies internal structural and infrastructure conditions using drones.Our unique technology uses specialized optical and thermal sensors to accurately depict internal damages, allowing you to pinpoint issues and act on them, saving

Drones for Industry: Types of Drones, Working as a Drone Pilot, and Drone Insurance

Sign up for this drone webinar to learn: Different types of drones, payloads, and drone inspections How to get your FAA Part 107 or PfCO to become a drone pilot What is ABJ Drone Academy and how can you benefit from specialized drone training What insurance do

WindVue: Thermal Blade Inspection Technology to Reduce Downtime and Increase Revenue

Sign up for this drone webinar to learn: How drones are an effective way to inspect and manage wind turbines How we inspect up to 15 cm deep into a wind turbine blade with proprietary thermal technology Proprietary drone and asset management technology Register Now