Do you want to have high quality insurance inspections using drones?

ABJ Drones offers on-demand aerial drone inspection service for the insurance industry. Our goal is to provide better quality inspections in order to help insurance companies make better and more profitable decisions. We have a drone pilot network of 3,000+ pilots nationwide and globally.

Drones for Insurance Companies and Industry - ABJ Drones

With the support of ABJ Drones and their fully certified and professional drone inspection pilots, insurance companies and underwriters throughout the USA and Canada are able to assess, prevent, and mitigate risk to the next level.

Using drones to gather photos, video, and data about a property is a big leap in the technology behind older processes, but insurers were already doing something similar before with adjusters climbing on ladders and roofs with a digital camera in hand.

The real benefit of drones being used in insurance comes from the increase in safety and efficiency. Companies can move from dangerous, hands-on, time-intensive property inspections, to a quick, safe, and much faster process that allows their workforce to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Drones for Insurance Companies and Industry - ABJ Drones

Why ABJ Drones for Insurance?

  • Ability to order, review and assess insurance claims from the office
  • Professional and FAA-approved Drone inspection pilots on demand
  • Automated ordering and delivery capability
  • Personal user training and account management
  • Secure data access and storage
  • High-resolution aerial images and video
  • 3D mapping and modelling
  • Gold standard quality
Drones for Insurance Companies and Industry - ABJ Drones

Key Benefits for Insurance Industry

  • Fast inspection turnaround
  • Massive cost reduction vs traditional inspection methods
  • Assess more claims in a fraction of the time
  • Substantially reduce the cost of insurance inspections and claim turnaround
  • Reduce claim settlements using enhanced inspection intelligence
  • Improve customer reviews
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