Type of Job/Services Completed:  Stockpile Volume Measurement

Location of Job: Plainsboro NJ

The Problem

The client needed more detailed reporting compared with traditional stockpile volume measurement techniques. They were building a fitness center in Plainsboro and were required to use a specific type of clean fill dirt during construction that was somewhat pricey. They needed the clean fill stockpile surveyed to make sure the correct amount had been delivered to the site.

ABJ Drones Solution

ABJ Drones was engaged to accurately measure the volume of the stockpile. We took ~350 images of the stockpile from different angles and then created a high-density point cloud using photogrammetry software (Pix4D). The same software was used to calculate the total volume from the point cloud. We also ran the image set through another photogrammetry software (Agisoft PhotoScan) to ensure the calculated volume in Pix4D was accurate.

ABJ Drones Benefits

There are many benefits to using ABJ Drones for volume stockpile measurements. The client now has more detailed reporting on the volume of the stockpile.

The traditional method to measure stockpiles involve taking laser measurements at precise locations using surveying equipment and using that data to calculate the volume of the stockpile. Drone stockpile surveys use photogrammetry instead, so they are especially useful for very large stockpiles and stockpiles with odd shapes, because traditional methods really only calculate volumes assuming simple shapes. The accuracy level is roughly the same as traditional methods.