Innovative data processing with our proprietary drone software, ABJ DataVue.

DataVue is ABJ’s solution to the expanding data problem. It is an online repository where all inspection information is stored, annotated, and turned into useful and actionable reports. This cloud-based drone software is designed to handle any kind of image-based asset inspection. Transmission and distribution lines, building facades, infrared roof scans, construction site progress tracking, stockpile management, site surveying, wind turbine and solar inspections and more.

Features of ABJ Drones’ New Technology, ABJ DataVue:

  • An intuitive user interface that is location-based, so a company can easily browse through vast quantities of data for assets in from any location globally
  • Seamless integration with the existing processes and business practices
  • Generate reports of AOIs and annotations that are created
  • Secure and encrypted cloud based technology facilitates access virtually anywhere
  • Automatically dissects the uploaded images using Geo information in meta data of picture and creates a structure

Inside the Drone Data Processing Software:

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