Type of Job/Services Completed: Drone Siding Inspection of 15 Buildings

Location of Job: Bergen County, New Jersey

The Problem

The customer needed siding replaced for a 15-building community. Before work could begin, they needed to collect evidence showing that the current state of the siding was in disrepair. Since all the buildings were three stories tall, it was difficult, and in some cases impossible, to get images of all the siding from the ground.

ABJ Drones Solution

ABJ Drones was retained to complete the siding inspection. We created a flight plan that divided each siding section into a grid of two to ten images to ensure full coverage of each building. For the sections where it was too narrow to fly a drone, we captured the images from the ground using DSLR cameras.

During processing, we arranged all the images by building number, building face, and grid location to make it easy to know exactly what area you were looking at in each image. We uploaded the data and analyzed the ~1000 images looking for issues like cracks, warping and curling. We annotated each issue found and sent the client access to the online system and report.

ABJ Drones Benefits

There are many benefits to using ABJ Drones for inspections. We provided the client a comprehensive report and full photographic evidence of exactly what they were looking for. Using drones, we were able to image sections of each building that were not visible from the ground.

Without drones, the customer would have had to climb each roof and stand by the edges to take pictures, and still wouldn’t have been able to image every building face, or more likely they would have taken as many photos from the ground as they could and hoped they would find enough evidence of damage using those images alone.

If you’re interested in completing inspections safer, faster, and for less cost, reach out to ABJ Drones today!