“Very happy with my purchase from ABJ Drones! I could have just gotten some package deal from Amazon, but I wanted a customized package of only the accessories I wanted, and I wanted someone with drone knowledge to make sure I was getting the right parts. I also had visited the place first and really liked the people and the environment of their place (very friendly atmosphere and awesome place), plus they gave me a drone flight demo before my purchase. I try to base my choice of purchase on the customer service of a company, and this company went above and beyond to make my experience very enjoyable before the purchase even took place.

As for the drone purchase, I finally decided on the Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian edition, which I absolutely love. This thing really moves and it is extremely stable in even windy conditions, and very powerful. I would give more of a review on this product as there is a whole lot to say good, but I’d rather focus on highlighting the good aspects about this company instead.

The person I dealt with for my order was Jarret Rhyner. He was so helpful before, during, and after my purchase. He has been there every step of the way to answer any questions I may have had and he kept me updated on the status of my order, and when part of my order came in and some of it was wrong (not their fault, fault of a third party), I was very happy he was able to take care of resolving the issue for me as I was going through a lot at the time and it further reinforced the choice to purchase with them. Furthermore, there was an extended wait time for the particular drone I ordered because it was not in stock and this of course lengthened the order time, which I had no problem with, but as a courtesy for the extended wait time, he gave me codes to take some online classes! (photography course and a video course, a total value of $250) Very nice of him! That is true customer service right there!

The day my whole order was ready to pick up, my wife and I were not in town, so no one would be there to receive the package, which was another reason why I was happy to use ABJ as opposed to Amazon, which would have not been good because the package would have been left on my porch to be rained on or stolen. I was also very happy to go into their facility to pick it up because they went over the items included in my order and made sure I knew everything was there, and I also got a chance to meet the very nice owner who happened to be there (not sure of his name but knew he was the owner from photos I had seen when doing research on the company.)

Beyond the purchase is also where this company shines. Whenever I have had a question or concern about something with my drone, whether it be troubleshooting help or help with operating it or just general questions like flight restrictions and such, Jarret has been just an email or phone call away, and happily able to answer all my questions.

Overall a great company distributing great products. This company brings to the table what is missing from online purchasing, and they do it right. Can’t express how happy I am with my purchase from them.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a drone, visit the ABJ Drones store at store.abjdrones.com or contact us today!