Cell Tower Inspection services

Effective way to inspect and manage cell towers with improved speed, efficiency, safety and systems for data management.

Value of Drones for Cell Tower Inspections

  • Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections
  • Greatly reduce man hours and costs by automating inspections
  • Safely assess the condition and orientation of all components of cell towers
  • Inspections done from a safe distance
  • Towers remain functional during inspection
  • Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability, live streaming and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities

The Problem with Cell Tower Inspections

In the past, doing a cell tower inspection required a lot of heavy equipment to be brought to a Cell Tower site, as well as, a person climbing the tower structures, which can have lead to potential risks, injuries and huge insurance costs for the company. One company that has already taken on drone technology for inspections is AT&T, but due to their own complications, they found making a lot of mistakes. When performing a cell tower inspection with a drone, it requires professional experience to move very close to the structure with an integrated camera, including a thermal imaging camera, with precision. Also, requiring a strong knowledge on which drones won’t be affected by electromagnetic interference, which can cause crashes.


The Solution

Autonomous commercial drones are changing the way cell tower companies are auditing and inspecting wireless infrastructure by enabling the rapid, repeatable, and safe collection of high-resolution imagery and video of tower structures and equipment. ABJ Drone’s solution for cell towers helps operators and service providers safely operate drones, meet compliance requirements, and integrate aerial data with GIS and other business systems.

The ABJ Advantage

ABJ Drones has found an effective way to inspect and manage cell towers with improved speed, efficiency, safety and systems for data management. We have professional drone pilots with the proper drones, cameras, software and tools to get the job done right. We offer services including: drone cell tower inspections, thermal imaging, LIDAR, surveying/mapping.

Thermal Imaging and LiDAR for Cell Tower inspections

ABJ Drones has effective thermal imaging and LiDAR techniques, and proprietary airframes to capture engineering-grade levels of accuracy for use in detailed point clouds and analytics for generations. Including, geo tagging to localize specific area of inspection (AOI) and a proprietary back end processing solution to enable companies with instant sourcing and identification.

ABJ Cell Tower Inspection Types

  • Pre and post construction
  • Tower inspection Audit
    1. Guy Anchor
    2. Monopole
    3. Self-Supporter
  • Structural mapping / Asset location
  • Structural Modification
  • Line of sight (new asset installation)
  • New tower build – real-estate review
  • Real-time video link – Less than two seconds latency
  • 3D Modeling

ABJ Radio Frequency (RF) Inspection Types

  1. Cell Carrier site surveys
  2. Coverage Mapping
  3. PIM hunting
  4. 2D Radiation Pattern
  5. Antenna Pattern
  6. 3D Radiation Pattern
  7. Interference Hunting
  8. Verify Point to Point
  9. Verify Polarization
  10. RF Safety Survey

ABJ RFID Asset Management

  • Decrease data collection time
  • Reduce or eliminate human data entry errors Improve asset inventory quality
  • Diminish cycle time
  • Reduce repeated site visits
  • Improve accuracy of assets
  • Customizable API with 98 % suitability with established CRM or depository

This includes assets in warehouses, picked up by contractors, in technicians’ trucks, deployed at sites, decommissioned, identify assets for resale and reduce capital assets.