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ABJ Case Study: Lightning Flashover Inspection of Vestas V136 Wind Turbine Blades

By |ABJ Drones Case Study, Case Study, Thermal Imaging, Wind Turbine Inspection|

Type of Job/Services Completed: Drone Wind Turbine Blade Inspection with Thermal Imaging The Purpose We provided a test project for our client to determine if lightning flashover damage to the interior shell of Vestas V136 wind turbine

ABJ Case Study: 10MW Solar Panel Inspection in India

By |ABJ Drones Case Study, Case Study, Solar Farm Inspection, Thermal Imaging|

Type of Job/Services Completed: 10MW Solar Panel Inspection using Optical and Thermal Payloads on a DJI M210 Drone The project was located in South India. About the Client Pace Power Systems Pvt Ltd was established in 2003

ABJ WindVue Webinar: Thermal Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

By |Drone Academy, Drone Inspection, Drone Technology, Drone Webinar, Thermal Imaging, Wind Turbine Inspection|

About The WindVue Drone Webinar ABJ WindVue is an innovative wind turbine blade inspection technology that identifies internal structural and infrastructure conditions using drones.Our unique technology uses specialized optical and thermal sensors to accurately depict internal damages,

PES Magazine ft. ABJ DataVue, Drone Data Processing Software

By |Data Processing Software, Drone Inspection, Solar Farm Inspection, Wind Turbine Inspection|

View the PDF of ABJ Drones in PES Magazine ABJ DataVue: A Disruptive Drone Technology As the renewable energy industry continues to grow globally, the amount of maintenance required grows with it. Wind turbines and solar farms need regular

Drones for Industry: Types of Drones, Working as a Drone Pilot, and Drone Insurance

By |Drone Academy, Drone Technology, Drone Webinar|

Sign up for this drone webinar to learn: Different types of drones, payloads, and drone inspections How to get your FAA Part 107 or PfCO to become a drone pilot What is ABJ Drone Academy and how

ABJ Case Study: Building Facade and Roof Drone Inspection

By |3D Modeling, Building Inspection, Case Study, Drone Inspection, Facade Inspection, Orthomosaic Imaging, Roof Inspection|

Type of Job/Services Completed: Building Facade and Roof Inspection The Problem The structure was originally a 5 tower + 4 connecting core building that was used for manufacturing. When it was no longer used for manufacturing, two of

WindVue: Thermal Blade Inspection Technology to Reduce Downtime and Increase Revenue

By |Drone Academy, Drone Inspection, Drone Technology, Drone Webinar, Thermal Imaging, Wind Turbine Inspection|

Sign up for this drone webinar to learn: How drones are an effective way to inspect and manage wind turbines How we inspect up to 15 cm deep into a wind turbine blade with proprietary thermal technology

ABJ WindVue: Thermal Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Technology, Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics

By |Drone Inspection, Drone Technology, Energy Infrastructure, Thermal Imaging, Wind Turbine Inspection|

Wind Energy Since 2002, wind energy has increased dramatically. Not only is it the fastest growing source of electricity in the world, it’s also one of the most cost-effective sources. Yet the method for inspecting wind turbine blades has

ABJ Case Study: Drone Stockpile Volume Measurements

By |Case Study, Stockpile Volume Measurement, Surveying|

Type of Job/Services Completed:  Stockpile Volume Measurement Location of Job: Plainsboro NJ The Problem The client needed more detailed reporting compared with traditional stockpile volume measurement techniques. They were building a fitness center in Plainsboro

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