Type of Job/Services Completed: Drone Wind Turbine Blade Inspection with Thermal Imaging

Project Dates

Ongoing Global Contract – Started in April 2018. Work with DNV GL in multiple countries.

DNV GL U.K. – ABJ does DNV GL client projects providing the drone inspection services of WTG’s.

About The Project

ABJ provides services to DNV GL clients in the UK. ABJ provides Optical and Thermal services including special objective complicated projects.

ABJ developed its WindVue technology to carry out WTG internal and blade inspections to find problems as small as 3mm to 4mm with minimal downtime.

ABJ WindVue technology finds 99% of the problems that are on the internal or external surface of the WTG blades.

  • The level of definition is 3-4mm
  • Increases efficiencies by allowing maintenance crews to quickly identify and act upon critical issues faster
  • Customized data processing including volumetric and meter by meter

It can be used to identify problems including:

  • Bad bonding
  • Delamination
  • Impact of lightning strikes
  • Scope of cracks (surface and subsurface)
  • Damage of impacts
  • End of warranty inspections
  • Pre-commission inspections
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence

Our Performance

ABJ performs services to the requirements of DNV GL’s clients in the Wind industry. DNV GL is a satisfied and a repeat customer for ABJ Drones

Partner with ABJ Drones

We are innovators and leaders at the frontline of Drone Inspection for the Energy industry. We are always developing and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our inspection strategies and processes make us unique, and are not found anywhere else.

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