Inspect buildings and structures with drones dramatically faster, easier and more efficiently.

  • High Resolution Images from any vantage point
  • Full Building / Facade Inspections
  • Roof Inspection
  • Construction Progress
  • Make real-time distance, area and volume measurements
  • High resolution videography eliminates the need for scaffolding and climbing
  • Cost and time efficient for high rise inspections

Additional Drone Applications

How we Inspect the Buildings and Structures:

We use various models of DJI Drones paired with multiple camera formats and sensors to capture images and video. These files are compiled and analyzed utilizing industry software allowing us to create detailed maps and models of the building, job site, or structure. These maps and models are available for viewing in the office or in the field and allow the ‘client’ to analyze and make measurement of the site, building, or structure.

Traditionally the inspection of tall buildings and structures required the use of scaffolding and incredible amounts of time to complete quality and in-depth inspections. With the use of the drone inspection of buildings and structures of great height can be accomplished in significantly less time and without any need for scaffolding.

Utilizing the drone allows us to provide images for detailed facade analysis of buildings and structures. The drone is flown in a predefined pattern capturing images of every inch of the structure. These images can then be analyzed by an engineer, site manager, or building inspector safely in an office allowing for a more detailed analysis then can’t be completed in the field. Further the images provide a record to the owner of the structure or building of its current state at the time of the inspection providing invaluable record for insurance purposes and further analysis in the future.

We are also able to produce detailed 3d models of the building, job site, and structure. The drone is flown in a predetermined and repeatable pattern around the subject and above the subject. During the flight or multiple flights images are again captured at a set interval. These images are then compiled through software to produce a highly detailed and measurable model of the subject.

Once the images are collected with the drone and then compiled with software the analysis of the data can begin. The model and/or image that is produce by the drone and software allows accurate and precise distance, area, and volume measurements. These measurements allow personnel to plan alterations or repairs to the building or structure. Allowing for a much more accurate cost analysis of any work that will be required.

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