Innovative Drone Solutions

We provide extensive and innovative drone solutions for asset inspection, thermal imaging, LIDAR, and much more. We have proprietary and unique solutions for Wind, Solar, and Powerline Drone Inspections, paving the way for these industries.

Industries We Support

Drone Wind Turbine InspectionABJ Drones supports many industries including the Energy (Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Power lines, Cell towers), Construction, Engineering, Public Safety and Agriculture industry. Our goal is to partner with your company to provide the most innovative and up-to-date drone solutions. We have 2,500+ pilots globally, including in North America, Europe and Asia, ready to work on all project sizes. Whether you’re looking for commercial drone services, training, consulting or products for a 20 person company or 1,000+ person company, we would be able to support you. Also, we are always looking to create new opportunities within new industries or projects, even if no one has ever tried it before. We have professional drone pilots who will be able to solve the toughest challenges and create new solutions that actually work.

Drones for Energy

Drones for Insurance

Drones for Engineering

Drones for Construction

Drones for Public Safety

Drones for Agriculture

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Commercial Drone Services

ABJ Drones, we provide specialized drone training.

Inspections, Surveying, Mapping, LIDAR, Thermal Imaging, 2D/3D Modeling

ABJ Drones is global company that provides a variety of commercial drone services and solutions, unlike any other. Choose what you’re looking for to get a more detailed description of how we can support you. We provide innovative and tailored drone solutions for all types of service, so if you don’t see something you’re looking for, give us a call or fill out our contact us form today!

Building and Structure

Infrastructure and Utilities

Roof Inspection

Surveying and Inventory Tracking

Solar Farm Inspection

Drone Wind Turbine Inspection

Drones are revolutionizing industries across the globe. From changing the way fires are fought to how engineers inspect Infrastructure like buildings, cell towers, power lines, solar and wind farms, from the way land surveying is done to 3D modelling of construction sites, advances in drone technology are pushing boundaries and enabling innovation. At the forefront of drone expansion is ABJ Drones, the leader in commercial drone services, training, consulting and deployment. With over 2400 trained and accredited pilots, the best and latest equipment, the most respected brands like DJI and FLIR, 1700 engineers and the most knowledgeable Industry-specific subject matter experts, we have global reach with local access. All at prices that are the best in the business.