Our Mission

ABJ Renewables commits to using the latest innovations to master your renewable energy resources. We use proprietary technology, like our WindVue, to inspect your investments where others cannot access them. We strictly monitor the health of our customer’s assets, diagnose issues, and execute solutions. ABJ uses our global perspective—achieved through worldwide partnerships—to successfully exceed the expectations of each unique customer, near and far.

Drone Inspection Services, Solar Panel Inspection, Wind Turbine Drone

Shifting the ABJ Focus

Although we began with a focus on drones as “ABJ Drones,” our foundation always has considered the bigger picture. Consider us visionaries. Today’s reality depends on renewable resources to generate energy. And ABJ understands the value of this shift to create businesses that grow in a world that thrives on renewables.

We still rely on drones as a company essential in reaching our goals. However, an emphasis on renewable energy allows ABJ to provide safe, cost-effective solutions to keep assets powered and power-full, worldwide.

Now… ABJ Renewables. Power On.


Become a Strategic Partner

Would you like to learn more about our partnership opportunities? We offer strategic partnerships through a joint venture, preferred partnership, and license agreement to those who qualify.



ABJ Drones is ISNetworld Certified with an A Rating.