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Professional Drone Services, Training and Consulting

ABJ Drones – We know drones. We provide unmatched expertise and personalized support to Commercial, Government and Public Safety organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and India who are looking for drone services. From state-of-the-art imaging technologies to a global network of certified and professional drone pilots, our drone experts have specialized knowledge and direct experience with a wide range of flying platforms, cameras, sensors, software, and industries. Let’s partner together, our professional drone services, training, consulting and products will support you in growing your company.

The ABJ Drones Advantage

We specialize in know-how and innovating new drone solutions in many industries. Whether you’re looking for a local solution or a global one, we’re here to help your business fly higher than the competition. We’re fully FAA, CAA, and ISO approved and insured at home and overseas. At ABJ Drones, we create practical, integrative, and innovative drone solutions for businesses of all sizes, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We forge value-driven partnerships and support you every step of the way. From vision to strategy to execution, we’re here to revolutionize the way global businesses integrate drones into their growth strategy and operations.

Drone News

ABJ Case Study: Turbidity Monitoring for Dredging Project

Type of Job/Services Completed: Turbidity Monitoring for Dredging Project Location of Job: Columbia, MD The Problem The client had a lake that was actively being dredged and needed to be monitored to ensure the increased turbidity (dirt, silt, and other suspended solids being kicked up by the dredging process) didn’t spread throughout the entire lake. They set

ABJ Case Study: Drone Stockpile Volume Measurement

Type of Job/Services Completed: Drone Stockpile Volume Measurement Location of Job: Port Newark, NJ and Fairless Hills, PA The Problem The customer needed two large stockpiles of de-icing salt to be surveyed. They needed to know how much salt had been used since the stockpiles were first measured and how much the remaining amount was worth.

ABJ Case Study: Photogrammetry, Thermal Mapping, Visual Spectrum Inspection

Type of Job/Services Completed: Photogrammetry, Thermal Mapping, Visual Spectrum Inspection The Problem The customer wanted to save money from traditional inspections by utilizing drone technology. ABJ Drones was engaged to look at roof mounted equipment and the bolt patterns of fasteners that anchor this equipment to the roof. We also checked for puddles on the roof material


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